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We believe in the value of homemade, handcrafted quality baked goods. Not only do our cakes warm the home, but our products will definitely warm your heart. Our favorite time of day is when our first batch comes out of the oven early in the morning and the fresh scent fills the entire kitchen. Baking is our passion. It is that first smile, that first joy, and the lasting memory of sweetness. Let us extend this beautiful feeling to you with one of our cakes.
We value locally grown; fresh ingredients made into traditional recipes that taste amazing. We like to keep it simple and emphasize flavor over flash. Come check out what we’ve got prepared for you today. Your taste buds will be happy and we know you will too.
Love, Peace & Success


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What We Bake

Bundtz & Brownies

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Bundt Cakes

From $45

We specialize in all things bundtz. We offer Rum cakes, Champagne Cakes, and various Adult Cakes. The alcohol free bundtz start at $45 and spike your cake for only $10 more. Enjoy with the family or an event of your choosing.  We love it as long as you enjoy them!


From $35

We serve brownies for everyone. For a feast for the family enjoy our gooey brownies starting at $35 per batch .  The fresh fruit line starts at $40. Our adult theme Boozie Brownies start at $45 per batch. We have a variety flavors. Try some today!

Fudge Brownies


Do you offer non-alcoholic cakes?

Yes. We are proud to say not all customers want alcohol in their cake and we made sure to give you what you want. Prices start as low as $35.  You can have all the flavors and more with out the bite of liquor.

Do you make any gluten free or vegan items?

Unfortunately, we do not offer gluten free or vegan items. Our recipe requires items that are rich in flavor and quality. A change of our formula will deviate from our desired taste. If you ready to cross over to the dark side we will be right here waiting for you. 

How do I keep my purchases fresh?

Place your Brownies & Bundtz in the fridge after each purchase. Keep them in the box refrigerated for up to 5 days. You can store your baked goods in the freezer for up to 3 months. Our Brownies and Bundtz taste best on the first day. However, keep your treats refrigerated until a couple hours prior to serving. Served best with ice cream and milk. 

Are there any food allergens?

Our Brownies and Bundtz contains wheat, egg, milk, and nuts. Please be aware of this as you purchase our treats. 


Taste the Magic at Addicted2Bundtz

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Operating Hours

Place your orders throughout the week. All orders are delivered on the weekends until we expand our business. Deliveries begin Friday at 6PM with the last delivery made Sunday 3PM. Hours are subject to change. Rush orders are on a case by case basis to include weekday deliveries.

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Upper Marlboro, MD 20772, USA

(240) 428-9494

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